Goldhofer THP/SL Type


Twin-tyred heavy-duty modules
Application primarily in off-road areas
Vehicle width 3,000 mm
Axle compensation +/- 300 mm
High axle load and concentrated load


Goldhofer’s modular heavy-duty vehicles are predestined for use in flexible and economical transport applications. The advantage of modular heavy-duty vehicles:

Swing axles with hydraulic axle compensation system (level adjustment)
Hydro-mechanic all-wheel mechanical controlled steering in 2-circuit design
Box-shaped centre frames with extremely high flexural strength
Optimised bolt lashing coupling for easy coupling of the chassis modules
Combination options in longitudinal and lateral directions
Versatile expansion options by means of additional equipment
Suitable for commercially available heavy haulers


Ball bearing race ring design modules
Heavy-duty modular vehicles in ball bearing race ring design are especially designed for heavy-duty loads in off-road applications. The robust design and high bending moment ensures safety and availability even in extremely rugged terrain. The THP/HL and THP/DL vehicle types with special wheelbase have been developed for road-traffic applications in North America.


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