Nicolas MDED Type

The high suspension capacity combined with a chassis designed for the best dead weight/payload ratio make the MDED series the adequate equipment for heavy road transport.

The steering actuators are integrated in each module, so there is no need to couple steering crossmembers to the ends of the vehicles.

The MDED series can be used as semi-trailer or 2-, 3- or 4-track trailer.

A great many accessories can be used to make trailer and semi-trailer assemblies that meet your transport needs perfectly.


Modular MDED

The key feature of the MDE and MDED (Modular Export / Modular Export Steered) ranges is the best dead weight to payload capacity ratio, means that it is suited to heavy goods transport and heavy-duty handling on site. A large number of accessories allow to configurate all desired combinations, as well as semi-trailers. They can be also coupled with driven modules and power pack unit, resulting in a self-propelled combination for handling on site. Historically the MDE range is the most widely used modular trailer worldwide.

Your advantages:

Versatile modular vehicle to configure semi-trailer and trailer in 2, 3 and 4 files
Up to 34 tons technical axle load
Suspension stroke of 650 mm
Steering angle up to 55°
Simple, accessible steering system
Lowest platform height on the market with 755 mm in low position
Wide range of interchangeable platforms and accessories
The lowest dead weight on the market


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